zaterdag 6 september 2008

You can help us with more maillists

EMAIL LISTS URGENTLY NEEDED!We also need email lists for all AUTHORITIES, INSTITUTIONS, LEADERS, ORGANISATIONS, CORPORATIONS etc. WORLDWIDE that we don't already have.A. We still need LISTS for as many POLITICS, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, MEDICINE, LAW, HISTORY etc. departments, staff and associations at as many UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES and INSTITUTIONS WORLDWIDE as we can get.B. We still need LISTS for as many top level MILITARY AND SECURITY PEOPLE, ORGANISATIONS AND ESTABLISHMENTS worldwide as we can get.C. We still need LISTS for all the CORPORATIONS, INSTITUTIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS etc. involved in the development and production of these technologies. For example:-Raytheon, Lockeed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics and United technologies, SAIC and all the others.D. We still need LISTS for RELIGIOUS HEAD OFFICES, INSTITUTIONS, ORDERS, CLERGY AND MEMBERS WORLDWIDE etc..If everyone could supply at least one EMAIL LIST it would help.And any other influential or powerful organisations and people that you can think of.We need email lists of all these people and organisations - so we can make them aware of these technologies and crimes - and any other influential or powerful organisations and people that you can think of!Please make LISTS like the one below and either send them to us at as WORD DOCUMENTS or IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL.An example of an email list:-AMNESTY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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If you wish to be included in our "list" of victims, send us your story, tell us first what year it started ("conciously" or "overtly"), how you realized you were under (technological) attack, what it was doing to you, and possibly to your electronic devices (describe this as detailed as possible please, and as much as possible of your symptoms ), and send your story to , we collected more than 500 testemonies and are getting everyday more. We are contacting human rights organizations, scientist and worldleaders to ask an investigation and official help.
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