donderdag 17 juli 2008

MCmailteam from Australia , Europe , China , USA , Canada

The Mindcontrol Mailteam is represented in Australia By John Finch USA Derrick Robinson Europe Monika Stoces China Soleil Mavis and Canada Mo Hosny, and keeps in touch with most international organizations and victims of this specific kind of modern hi-tech human experimentation and remote electronic manipulation-technology, neurological weapons called also"mindcontrol" or "electronic harrassement" , Aside of that problem some victims rapport "organized" stalking" (Offensive behaviour of other people around them , explained in different ways by different victims). The victims are called also "Targetted Individuals" or TI's.
We are collecting "case summaries of TI's around the globe, and sending them in an organized way to humanrights organisations scientist and political leaders to ask for an official investigation into this not yet fully recognized problem, to get the attention that it deserves, considered the kind of importance, secrecy of human rights violations that it concerns, and the large scale of it: world wide and with so many people and the impact it has on their lives.

Are you being confrontated with this problem you, being surprised by it , having questions or can you help us with something ? Take contact with the team or one of us, we will give you more information and contact of others and organizations too . (Check the links, you can find a lot of information too)
Here you find more information and our personal contact info
Dont loose hope, take care of yourself, try not to panic, and realize your "friends and family wont "understand" that you are under attack right away, will maybe worrie if you are not getting "crazy":) , this technology is "top secret" and inpossible to imagine what it can do for non-tagets, who won't know what is happening to to you . Try to stay calm , you are not alone. Since the year of 2000 precise, this probleem is "exploding in numbers" , with many new TI's each year and on every continent of this planet, this experimentation is a problem of "Humanity" and our modern world.

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Our Mindcontrol Mailteam Website is located:

If you wish to be included in our "list" of victims, send us your story, tell us first what year it started ("conciously" or "overtly"), how you realized you were under (technological) attack, what it was doing to you, and possibly to your electronic devices (describe this as detailed as possible please, and as much as possible of your symptoms ), and send your story to , we collected more than 500 testemonies and are getting everyday more. We are contacting human rights organizations, scientist and worldleaders to ask an investigation and official help.
Who are we? More info about us you can find: